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When you think of Christmas - what images come to mind? For most it's the joy of Christmas morning take a moment to envision that joy- the joy of unwrapping a gift on Christmas morning in your warm home, surrounded by your family and friends. Now think of the alternative for those living out on the streets - waking up in the freezing cold, by yourself and struggling to get something to eat and the
only thing to open is your hand to ask strangers for help.

We can change that for 60 people and we need your help to make it a reality. We can give them the opportunity to experience an event like no other event. Something they will never forget (at least until we outdo ourselves next year). A night full of great food, music, gifts, a warm bed and a hot breakfast, but more importantly than all that- a night full of companionship and joy shared with friends who care about you. Imagine entering a transformed space decorated with care, starting with a cocktail hour with your favorite hors d'ourves, a carving station and non-alcoholic holiday punch. Then after some delicious bites, entering through lit curtains to a formal dinner area complete with a live DJ and invigorating party lights. After a served multi-course meal shared with other guests and volunteers there is time for dancing before a full blown dessert display. And what Christmas party wouldn't be complete with gifts for all to unwrap and enjoy.

As you already know, we are a completely volunteer organization and our only source of funds are donations from generous people like yourself. In the past we would hold multiple annual fund raisers to help cover the costs of our entire year of ministry. While we hope to return to those events in the future, the time is now to help support our annual Christmas party. A majority of the costs of the party are to provide those all-important gifts to men and women who otherwise wouldn't receive a single gift the entire year. Our gifts in the past have brought smiles, hugs and often times tears of joy from their recipients.

If we can get 60 people to support just 1 gift each, we can fully cover the cost of the party as we have already received some very generous anonymous donations to get us started. While the average cost of a gift is $150 any contribution you can make is greatly appreciated. We all buy gifts for lots of people at the holidays, so why not buy the ultimate gift that will change someone's entire year. Sometimes we complain about having to figure out what to buy that friend that "has everything" so why not buy the easiest gift for someone who has nothing?

As always, we accept checks, cash, Ven mo, Paypal, and even coins. If you have another way to send us money, let us know and we will figure it out. It goes without saying that your support is greatly appreciated, but I'll say it anyway- Thank you in advance for any support you can provide. If you cant support us yourself, maybe ask a friend and see if they can. Spread the word and there is no telling what we can accomplish.

Thank you again and God Bless you all!

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