Christmas 2022

This year we will be trying something different for the Christmas Party. Like in the past the party will be a two day event which will include people living on the streets and people that are living inside but just need a little help. There will be a full dinner with music and dancing and of course Christmas presents for everyone. However we just didn't have the time to organize our main fundraiser a Night to Be Thankful. In the past this was how we paid for the entire party. With that being said we are going to look for 200 people to donate $100 we know that 200 people is a stretch and that's why we need your help. If we all ask just one other person I think we can make it. Like always we will take the hundred dollars in any way you want to send it. Venmo, Cash, Check or PayPal

Ready to go
Individual Nutcrackers cakes

Party Notes