Sometimes We Just Need Some Help.

This site was originally designed to keep in touch with the volunteers of the outreach. However as time goes on and we continue to grow we have noticed more people that are in need visiting the site. If you are one of those people our entire ministry is designed to serve you. We want to help you in any way that we can. If you have a phone and want to know where we will be serving people on the streets or if you need a place to shower


Text this message @soutrea to 81010. 

If you dont have a cell phone click on the "Lets chat" button below and someone will respond within a few minutes or you can fill out the form below and someone will email you back real soon.

Or you can call 985-ALL 4 GOD.

Contact Us

985-ALL 4 GOD

2001 Bay Ridge Parkway, Brooklyn NY 11204