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Set-Up (all)

    - 12 tables of 6, 6 chairs (white chairs) per table

    - Bread Dishes

    - Burgundy table cloths, cups, forks, knives, napkins, salt, pepper

    - Coffee and dessert table by stage, mugs, sugar, milk, small plates

    - Clean clothing room, and shower room for night.


Greeter (2)

    - Welcome people, write names neatly down on paper in order of arrival.

       You need to be at St. Dominic's by 5:15pm to do this task.

   - Ask each person if they would like to take a shower.

   - At 6pm have people looking to shower start going down. 

   - Clothing room opens after dinner. 


Kitchen (3) - Our goal is to make everyone feel like they are in a fancy restaurant. 

     - Only people in kitchen should be people heating food. 

     - Separate plates for each person, neatness counts. 


Servers (8) 2 per table

    -Bring food out ask if everything is ok. 



Drinks (2 or 4) serving all tables    

    -Water, soda and lemon aide    

    -Move around and fill glasses


Dish Washer/Drier (4) 

    -Wash dishes, glasses, utensils, etc. Be mindful of the small water tank give it time to refill. 

    -Put all items away NEATLY in closet. If you dont know where it goes please ask. 


Back door / Name caller (2) 

    - Someone needs to stay by door all night. 

    - Two people to maintain order on back door

    - One person calls names off list, only 4 people should be in closet at a time. 

    - When someone comes up someone goes down. Check name off list.    

    - Go downstairs and see how many people are in room. 


Clothing Room (3)

    - Everyone is allowed

         1 L/S shirt, 1 S/S shirt, 1 pair of pants, 1 hoodie or jacket,
         1 pair of underwear, 1 pair of sneakers

    - Maintain closet and neatness    

    - Put hangers in storage box    

    - Put clothes back on hangers    

    - If guest are not listening to rules alert VINNY IMMEDIATELY.


Shower (3) 

    - Bring person to clothing room for needed supplies    

    - Give them wash cloth and towel.

    - Remind them clothes they don't want can go in trash.

    - They should put towels in hamper.

    - Spray shower down and leave door open to let steam out.

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