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What We Do.

St. Dominics Outreach, located in the heart of Brooklyn, NY, is a charitable foundation dedicated to helping those in need. With the dedication of our volunteers, and partners, we strive to improve the lives of everyone who needs help that we meet. Contact us to see what you can do to bring about positive change.

 At St. Dominic's Outreach we depend on many volunteers. Some volunteers give of their time at one of our many opportunities such as Hopes Kitchen, Folding and Sorting or Street Outreach. Others give financially which as time goes on has become just as important. An average outreach night cost about a $150 depending on the food that is served. We take great pride as being one of the few groups on the streets
serving hot, hardy home cooked meals. And our friends come from all over to eat our food.

Below are a few videos from people that we have helped in past. Including Richard and Kim who are no longer are the streets. While we don't take credit with them getting off of the streets we will take credit for helping them realize people care for them. And no matter what has happened in your past we are here to be your friend.

"Who am I to Judge" - Pope Fracis

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